Welcoming our 2022 Foals

The Strength of our program

SHADEEKA ANVIL | 2022 Bay Filly | Dominic M x Najima Aria

LOU LOU ANVIL | 2022 Grey Filly | Sultan GK x Oula Aljassimya

NICOLETTA ANVIL | March 2022 Filly | Sultan GK x Najima Aria

TANGO ANVIL | April 2022 Colt | Sultan GK x Oula Aljassimya

Expecting in 2023

WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO THESE 2023 FOALS, expected in the spring

D Shakhat x Italya Meia Lua (via Embryo Transfer)
Dominic M x Oula Aljassimya (via Embryo Transfer)
D Shakhat x Monna Anvil (via Embryo Transfer)
Exxalt x Najima Aria (via Embryo Transfer)